Over 90% of all the ‘waste’ we bring to our site, is sorted on our site and made good for recycling. In a typical month, we provide over 4000 tonnes of raw materials for paper mills, plastic manufacturers, landscape gardeners, construction contractors and others. Instead of going to landfill, these recycled products are thus put to good use, saving energy and, we estimate, over 5,000 tonnes of additional C02 production per year.


1. Sorted and inspected   2. Taken to a plasterboard recycling centre   3. Finally being made into further plasterboard

Soils and Aggregates

1. All aggregates and soil are segregated and graded 2. Then screened and blended 3. Finally resold in different grades


1. Plastic is visually assessed and separated 2. Then bailed 3. Plastic bales are then shipped for further treatment later being used for recycled plastic production

Paper & Cardboard

1. Paper and Cardboard is sorted and stored 2. Compacted and bailed 3. Shipped and then used for recycled cardboard production


  • 1. All wood is segregated and graded
  • 2. Shredded and all unwanted products removed
  • 3. Wood is then loaded for Biomass or Chipboard production