About Us

Budget Waste Management is a prominent waste recycling company situated in the picturesque setting of the Cotswolds and Vale of Evesham. The company effectively deals with the ever-growing demands of waste disposal, recycling materials in the ‘greenest’ way possible. The company caters for a wide range of customers, including domestic, construction and many local businesses, on a daily basis. Landfill is the most expensive method of disposal so our expansion and investment program fulfils our wish to be at the forefront of the industry which is why we are known as the “green” skip company.

It all began on 1st November 2000 with just 2 Lorries, but with the ambition to change the way that waste was disposed of for good. Over the next four years, the company was driven forward, by expanding the waste disposal site from half and acre to one and half acres and employing three full-time staff to help direct the fast moving business.

The next 10 years experienced many tough tests, meeting regulations, customer demands all in order to do things in the ‘right way’. Something that company has always prided itself on as a core value, and continues to abide by in its business every day. This was only emphasised in the development of the company, which now operates from a four and half acre site and to date employs thirty people. A fleet which now consists of twelve modern waste collection vehicles and is continually growing. In order to deal with such a demand of waste, two recycling buildings were constructed in the summer of 2013, to incorporate two large picking lines. Large investment of plant and machinery were needed to ultimately allow greater efficiency of the recycling process, whilst also furthering the types and volumes of those materials to be recycled. Budget Waste Management continually seek for further machinery and equipment to recover more waste on site. In 2015, Budget Waste Management installed solar panels now meaning their site is fully self-sufficient in electricity and water. This is displayed in the recovery of waste at the recycling plant, by which Budget has seen its recycling rates increase up to 95%. This includes over 250 tonnes of recycled topsoil and aggregate daily, as well as woods, plastics, metals, paper and card and much more.

Over the past 14 years, Budget Waste Management has seen an extraordinary growth as a whole. However, the company has always found new innovate ways to adapt to the ever-evolving, growing and changing waste market. With our customer service still remaining at the forefront of our business. The company is always on the move looking for the next spark to drive the business forward. As we reflect on the time that Budget Waste Management has traded for so successfully, it is with excitement that we look forward to the next chapter of the journey.