What you Can and Cannot put in a Skip

television in recycling skip

  If you’re throwing out your old furniture, cleaning up garden waste, or are involved in a refurbishing project at your home or business, hiring a skip may be your best alternative for getting rid of that unwanted waste.  Hiring a skip is a simple matter of deciding what size you need and for how

Fly Tipping & how it is Damaging to the Environment

wood fly tipped at the side of a road

If you travel the UK long enough, you’re sure to see it: heavy rubbish dumped in a ravine or along the side of a road. Of course, this trash didn’t get there on its own. This is most often the result of illegal dumping, also known as fly tipping. The House of Commons library defines fly

What Size Skip Do I Need?

rubbish skip outside a home

Are you a homeowner preparing to sell your house? You might be a builder about to embark on a home renovation project. Or maybe you’re a large-volume waste producer looking for a cost-effective solution. No matter the case, your project is likely to generate bags of rubbish and other waste, so knowing what size skip

What Plastics to Recycle and How

assorted-plastic items to be recycled

What Plastics to Recycle and How In today’s plastic-dependent society, recycling is more important than ever. Rather than allowing plastic to end up in landfill — where it takes decades to degrade, if ever — the goal is to reduce and reuse plastic, thus limiting the need for new plastic to be produced. As a

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