What Size Skip Do I Need?

Are you a homeowner preparing to sell your house? You might be a builder about to embark on a home renovation project. Or maybe you’re a large-volume waste producer looking for a cost-effective solution.

No matter the case, your project is likely to generate bags of rubbish and other waste, so knowing what size skip you need makes a huge difference. This UK skip size guide can save you time, money and hassle by ensuring you hire a skip with the correct waste capacity for your situation.

2 Cubic Yard Skip

Width: 4ft Length: 6ft Depth: 3ft
As the smallest skip available, the 2 cubic yard mini skip is ideal for small household projects, garden work or cleaning out the garage. Is a 2 yard skip big enough? If you have 15 to 20 bags of rubbish, the answer is yes!

3 Cubic Yard Skip

Width: 5ft Length: 7ft Depth: 3ft
A 3 cubic yard midi skip can hold around 30 bags of waste. It’s useful for small domestic projects, saving you time and hassle compared to taking regular trips to the rubbish tip. Thanks to their compact size, midi skips are typically easy to position in small driveways and gardens.

4 Cubic Yard Skip

Width: 5ft Length: 9ft Depth: 3ft
The slightly larger 4 cubic yard midi skip is 2 feet longer than its smaller counterpart, giving it the capacity to hold up to 40 bin bags. This size skip is typically used for kitchen and bath renovations and larger garden clear-out projects. Don’t get in trouble for fly-tipping—book a skip to dispose of your household rubbish in an approved manner!

6 Cubic Yard Skip

Width: 6ft Length: 10ft Depth: 3ft
The classic 6 cubic yard builders skip is the most popular choice in the UK for mid-sized home renovations, landscaping and construction projects. You can dispose of approximately 60 bin bags at this size—plenty of space for discarding a moderate amount of loose waste safely and legally.

8 Cubic Yard Skip

Width: 6ft Length: 11ft Depth: 4ft
If you think a 6 cubic yard skip isn’t big enough, consider an 8 cubic yard builders skip. This upgrade could be ideal if you have a fair amount of rubble, soil or other heavy inert waste. Able to accommodate up to 80 bin bags, an 8 cubic yard skip is great for clearing out an entire house during major renovation work.

12 Cubic Yard Skip

Width: 6ft Length: 12ft Depth: 6ft
A 12 cubic yard maxi skip has a 120-bag capacity. At this size, the skip is capable of holding furniture, wood pallets, packaging materials and other bulky waste, making it popular among shopfitters and on construction sites. However, please note that this skip size is unsuitable for heavy loads because it will become too heavy to lift onto the lorry once full.

16 Cubic Yard Skip

Width: 6ft Length: 14ft Depth: 7ft
The second size in the maxi range is the 16 cubic yard maxi skip. Choose this size for full-scale house clearance projects and build sites. The extra space compared to the 12 cubic yard skip allows for even more lightweight, bulky rubbish. Again, don’t load a skip this large with heavy waste, or it won’t be transportable.

20 Cubic Yard Skip

If you need something larger for a commercial or industrial project, look to the 20 cubic yard roll-on, roll-off skip. The ability to roll on and off site means you can freely move rubble, soil, metal and other heavy waste found in large construction and demolition projects. Roll-on, roll-off skips are rarely used for domestic purposes.

40 Cubic Yard Skip

The largest skip available is the 40 cubic yard roll-on, roll-off skip, ideal for large-scale construction operations, decommissions, refits and commercial waste producers. Due to their large size, roll-on, roll-off skips must typically be positioned in off-road locations. The industrial rollers on this skip make it possible to discard heavier loads along with bulky rubbish, a cost-saving solution to cover all your waste disposal needs.

Rent a Skip from Budget Skips

If you need further assistance selecting the right size skip for your project, feel free to contact Budget Skips. We can help you estimate the proper cubic yardage based on the number of bin bags and other rubbish you need to dispose of. Then, we make delivering your skip as simple and stress-free as possible. You don’t even need to be present when we drop off or collect the skip!

When you’re ready to book a skip, please call us on 01386 841181 or fill out our online booking form. We deliver to Evesham, Worcestershire and the surrounding region. Enter your postcode here to see if we cover your area.

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