What you Can and Cannot put in a Skip

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If you’re throwing out your old furniture, cleaning up garden waste, or are involved in a refurbishing project at your home or business, hiring a skip may be your best alternative for getting rid of that unwanted waste.  Hiring a skip is a simple matter of deciding what size you need and for how long you’ll need it, then contacting us, so that we can deliver the skip to your home or business.  After receiving your skip, you toss the waste into the skip. When it’s full or when your project is complete, we will pick up the skip and recycle the contents or dispose of the contents in a landfill.

While hiring a skip is safe, easy, and convenient, you’ll need to follow certain guidelines as to what can and cannot be disposed of in a skip.  Below, we’ve provided you with a list of things you can and cannot put in the skip.  The reason for the restrictions is primarily due to health, safety, and environmental regulations.  In addition, there are some items that can be put in a skip only if other items are NOT in the same skip.

Items You Can Put In A Skip

Generally speaking, most items that are not hazardous to the environment can be safely disposed of in a skip. While the following list is not all-inclusive, the following are most items that can be put in a skip. If the items you want to discard are not on this list, you can call us or send us an email as to whether they can be included.


Solidified Paint

Uncontaminated soil





Gas Cookers

Garden waste, leaves and branches

Broken furniture

Nonelectrical fittings

Empty tins

Domestic waste



Items Not Allowed in a Skip

Individual companies often set their own guidelines, so it’s always best to ask your skip hire company if you’re unsure about what to put in your skip.  They may provide you with a detailed list of what can and cannot be placed in the skip. In some cases, you could face legal action if you place anything harmful into a skip.  If your skip hire company finds prohibited items in your skip, they may refuse to dispose of them, or may charge you an extra fee to remove them.

Here’s a list of items you CANNOT put in a skip.  Again, this list is not all encompassing, so it’s best to ask your skip company if you’re unsure about a specific class of waste.

Electrical items

People sometimes try to dispose of electrical appliances in a skip, but it’s strictly forbidden. Such items as computers, televisions, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, electric cookers, microwave ovens, or stereo equipment cannot be placed in the skip.  A good rule of thumb is this: if it requires a battery or has an electrical plug, you can’t put it in the skip.  Such items can be disposed of by taking them to a registered Waste Electric and Electronic (WEEE) recycling facility.  Your local council should be able to direct you to the location of the nearest WEEE center.


Batteries should never go into a landfill.  They contain hazardous chemicals that can leach out into the environment.  They need to be taken to a recycling facility. Small batteries can be dropped off at petrol stations, your local garage, or supermarkets that have special boxes for battery disposal. Larger batteries, such as car batteries can be recycled by your car garage.

Gas cylinders

Even if you think your gas cylinder is empty, you cannot put it in a skip.  This is because there are chances of residual contents to be present in the cylinders and could cause a fire or explosion, and skip companies are not licensed to handle such waste. You can return these to the store where you purchased them, as they can refill and reuse them. Also, there are companies in the UK that recycle gas cylinders. In some cases, you may be able to sell the cylinders, as they have a small residual value.


Disposing of tyres requires a lot of work, which is why skip companies don’t allow them to be put in the skips.  Your tyre changer or fitter can dispose of them for you, or you can contact the Tyre Recovery Organisation to help you find a tyre collector. Tyres today are recycled into a large variety of products such as rubber floors for playgrounds and gyms, plant pots, and much more.

Plasterboard (sheetrock or drywall)

It may seem odd to you, but the government prohibits the disposal of plasterboard in skips, unless the plasterboard is the only waste and is in a plasterboard only skip. Plasterboard is a hazardous material to dispose of when mixed with other wastes, as it can create toxic fumes that are harmful to people as well as the environment. Generally, plasterboard has to be disposed of in special sealed bags. If you have a large amount of plasterboard to dispose of, it’s best to consult us directly.


Mattresses must be disposed of differently than general waste.  If you rent a skip to dispose of a mattress, this should be done in a proper way, and you should check with the skip hire to make sure they can handle it.  Rather than tossing the mattress, you may be able to donate it. Also, there are certain companies that will pick up and dispose of used mattresses for a fee.

Fluorescent bulbs

Since these bulbs contain chemicals such as mercury, which are very harmful, you can’t put them in a skip.  Again, you may have to consult your local council to direct you to recycling centers that can handle the old fluorescent bulbs.


Asbestos is one of the most highly hazardous materials in the world, as it can cause cancer and other diseases. There are strict rules and regulations imposed by the government regarding its disposal.  If you have asbestos or similar fibre-based products such as corrugated fibre/concrete sheets, you’ll have to hire an asbestos removal company to dispose of it.

Medical waste

Skips cannot be used to dispose of medical waste, as they can cause serious infections and contamination.  This would include any bodily fluids, used or unused needles, biological matter, hospital waste, or medicines. For more information about medical wastes, contact the Department of Health.


If you need to, you can dispose of the occasional picture frame or broken mirror in your skip. However, if you have a large quantity of glass, you shouldn’t put it in the skip with other waste, as it could be dangerous and would require special handling at the waste transfer station.

Paint, Solvents, Liquids, and Fuel

It should be no surprise that these items are prohibited from being disposed of in your skip. You should never place these items into a skip because they could cause harm to others. These fluids contain harmful compounds, can be combustible, and can cause serious chemical burns. There are specific companies that are licensed to dispose of such waste. An exception to this rule would be solidified paints.


To summarize, skips provide a convenient means for disposing of all kinds of waste, but guidelines must be followed to insure that prohibited items are never included. By following these guidelines, you can protect yourself, your neighbours, the skip company workers, and the environment from contamination.

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